Web Summit 2023 - Fusion of Innovation, Insights & Inspiration

The Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon was an absolute blast, bringing together a whopping 70,000 tech enthusiasts from 153 countries for an epic celebration of innovation and collaboration! Picture this: five huge exhibitor pavilions and sixteen stages buzzing with talks on everything from AI to sustainable tech, smart cities and quantum cybersecurity.  

Keynote speakers didn’t just enlighten us – they practically set the stage alight with insights into the coolest tech trends shaping our future. And did we mention the Start-up program? It was like a tech wonderland where emerging companies rocked the stage, pitching their business, connecting with investors and partners to turn their ground-breaking ideas into reality.  

Web Summit Tech Community Loves New gTLDs

But wait, there’s more! The Web Summit 2023 wasn’t just about talks and demos – it was also a playground for new gTLD extensions. From .app to .tech to .rocks and beyond, these innovative domains were the cherry on top, reflecting the forward-thinking vibe of the entire event. Surely this small selection reveals the diversity of TLDs embraced by start-up businesses around the globe: 

Finally, let’s not forget Lisbon! The city’s unique charm provided the perfect backdrop, blending old-school Portuguese hospitality with a modern, tech-savvy atmosphere. Attendees didn’t just geek out at the summit – they explored historic sites, devoured delicious local cuisine, and got a taste of Lisbon’s vibrant culture. 🎉

In a nutshell, the Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon was a techno-celebration, a mind-blowing convergence of ideas, and a clear sign that the future is looking seriously bright. As the sun set over this picturesque city, participants left with a renewed sense of inspiration and a shared commitment to changing the world through innovation. 🚀✨

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