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Benefits of Geographic Top-Level Domains and Their Local Advantage

The Growing Popularity of GeoTLDs

As the digital landscape evolves and the anticipation for the next round of Top-Level Domain (TLD) applications intensifies, Geographic Top-Level Domains (GeoTLDs) are gaining more attention. GeoTLDs offer local businesses a distinct opportunity to build customer trust, increase visibility, and strengthen their digital presence.

Don’t know what GeoTLDs are? Simply put, a geographic top-level domain is a domain name extension that represents a specific geographic area, such as a city or region. For instance, .nyc represents New York City, and .london stands for London. Unlike closed or open TLDs, GeoTLDs focus on connecting people, businesses, and organizations to their local communities, making them easier to locate and engage with. They also instill a sense of trust among their site visitors, who recognize the local affiliation.  In doing so, GeoTLDs foster strong regional connections and cater to the growing trend of online customers seeking local products and services.

With that in mind, this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of GeoTLDs, their nuances of acquisition, and the unique benefits they offer to both their owners and local businesses.

The growing popularity of GeoTLDs can be attributed to a variety of factors.

  1. Strong Regional Connections

One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of GeoTLDs is the strong regional ties they foster. Businesses and organizations using GeoTLDs can effectively demonstrate their commitment to their local communities. As more customers seek to support local products and services, companies can create greater customer loyalty and foster positive relationships within their customer base by using a GeoTLD.

  1. Marketing Strategy is Potentially Easier

Instead of the entire world, you have your geographic region to target. GeoTLDs offer unique marketing and branding opportunities. Companies can creatively use them in advertising campaigns, merchandising, or even the company’s branding itself. All TLD owners who wish to sell their domain names, need registrars and for GeoTLDs local registrars are often the best.

  1. Improved Search Engine Performance

GeoTLDs are gaining recognition for their potential to improve businesses’ search engine performance. Search engines such as Google are placing an increased emphasis on location-based search results. Utilizing a GeoTLD can help businesses rank higher in search results for location-specific searches, driving more organic traffic to their websites and increasing overall online visibility.

  1. Enhanced Branding and Identity

Using a GeoTLD can help businesses and individuals convey a strong visual message about their identity and presence in their local market or community. As domain names with GeoTLDs contain the geographic region they represent, they effectively ingrain your brand with an immediate association with that area. This can help enhance brand recall and overall recognition.

Requirements for a GeoTLD Application

When applying for a GeoTLD, the requirements differ from those of open and brand TLDs, often requiring additional steps and time to fulfill. Here are the essential criteria you need to meet if you’re contemplating applying for a GeoTLD:

  1. String Requirements: The chosen string must accurately and distinctly identify the specific geographic location of the applicant. It must conform to ICANN’s technical and operational standards.
  2. Application Submission: A detailed application must be submitted to ICANN. It should provide all the necessary details of the proposed GeoTLD, including how it will be technically managed.
  3. Financial Capability: Applicants must demonstrate they have the financial capacity to support the GeoTLD’s ongoing operational and technical requirements.
  4. Technical Capability: Applicants must prove they can operate a domain name registry or have agreements with third parties that can do so. This includes managing domain name registrations, protecting the data integrity and security of the registry, and providing customer service.
  5. Government or Public Authority Support: Applicants need to secure a letter of support or non-objection from the respective government or public authority of the geographic location that the GeoTLD is representing. This letter must be specific, clear, and validate the organization’s identity making the request.

Issues may arise if a GeoTLD representing a city or region is identical to another geographic area’s name elsewhere. To mitigate this, the applicant will need to ensure that the requested string is unique and justified by local support or non-objection from the relevant government authority to prevent confusion.

Challenges of Applying

 1.  Gaining Support

Gaining support from local authorities requires a significant amount of time, energy, and engagement, which should not be underestamated.  Once you find the appropriate authorities, they often have no knowledge of what a top-level domain is and will require education with many follow-ups before they will provide the support you require to move forward.

Depending on the time of year, we would suggest at least a timeline of nine months to gain the necessary support for uncomplicated GeoTLDs.  For GeoTLDs that may have a lot of similar cities or regions throughout the world, additional time should be allocated.

2.  Regional Awareness is directly related to your efforts

Despite their growing popularity and usage, GeoTLDs are still relatively new in the domain landscape. As a result, your geoTLD will need to have a solid outreach program that educates local customers and businesses.  Their knowledge of your TLD will rely solely on your efforts to raise awareness.

Maximizing the Benefits of GeoTLDs for Your Local Business

Maximizing the benefits of GeoTLDs for a local business requires an intentional strategy. Here are some tips to get the most from a GeoTLD:

  • Utilize your GeoTLD for local SEO by adding city-specific keywords and metadata which can potentially enhance your website’s rank in local search results.
  • Include local information, events, and news within your website content.
  • Opt for a domain name that’s short, memorable, and clearly indicates what your business does.
  • Be sure to include your GeoTLD in marketing materials, from online promotional content to physical business cards or signage.


GeoTLDs undoubtedly offer local businesses a unique way to increase visibility, foster customer trust, and build a stronger digital presence. While applying for a GeoTLD can be more complicated, early preparation, as detailed in the timeline, can help ensure you have sufficient runway to attain the support you require. 

To get started on your journey to securing the best top-level domain name for your business, reach out to us at TLDz and take the first step in acquiring your ICANN top-level domain.

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